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Do you need a spare for your Lombardini? Whether it is only a piston or a complete engine, just choose the engine group to which your Lombardini belongs to and you will easily identify the spares you are looking for on the relevant technical drawings.

You can see a huge section including both the most commercial and even the out-of-production items.

We have been on the traditional market for 40 years and the range of Lombardini spares we carry includes some of the following: crankshaft, camshaft, piston, piston rings, bearings, rockers, gaskets, wiring harness, connecting rod, push rod, fuel pump, injector pumps, injectors, coppers washers, flywheel and loads more!

Any doubt on your engine? Any particular request? Any question on any out-of-production spare? You can contact us here or just access the Forum. Our staff will be pleased to reply ASAP!


Shipping costs: just select the spare parts you need and then click on the shopping cart to see an estimate of the shipping costs !!



Delivery service all over the world - 09 February 2013
From this year we have started to sell our Lombardini Spare Parts ALL OVER THE WORLD. You will find the cheapest delivery rates. Check the delivery rates in the shopping cart with the "Estimate shipping" form. If you need any question please do not hesitate to contact us by email.
Delivery service all over the world - 15 November 2012
We sell our Lombardini Spare Parts ALL OVER THE WORLD. You will find the cheapest delivery rates

The delivery rates are inclusive of export duty for delivery service outside the European Union. The delivery time may vary from 10 to 40 business days.
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